prolytics – B-to-B is our profession.

prolytics market research GmbH, founded in Dortmund in 1995, creates quantitative and qualitative studies for business-to-business market research (B-to-B) as well as business-to-consumer market research (B-to-C) for complex technical products. The full-service institute has many years of experience in surveying technical and commercial managers about challenging technical issues. Prolytics is experienced in the complete process of doing national and international studies and is a reliable service provider. In the past ten years, 200 international studies have been successfully conducted for industry clients and medium-sized businesses, including global studies in 30 countries. Based on our years of expertise in the field of ad hoc research, our range of services extends from individual studies to the conception and execution of multi-client industry studies. Our modern data collection procedures and first-class statistical methods of empirical social and economic research provide a sound basis for our efficient operations.

Take us at our word: we make business markets transparent worldwide.


Our quality promise.

Not only do we make the "easy" influences in the market – those which are observable and directly asked – transparent to our clients, but also the complex interrelationships. Customers appreciate our in-depth and broad methodical competence as well as our dedicated service. We customize our investment, implementation, and evaluation to our customers' specific requirements and questions. Working in close cooperation, we define the objective of the market research study and advise the client on the study concept that will best reach the target - in terms of content as well as the economics of the research - and explain our detailed methodology and approach. We put our clients in the position of being able to independently examine and evaluate the study, its implementation and results.


Our service promise.

Using state-of-the-art procedures and first-class methods of empirical social and economic research, our expert team can assure all-round service and valuable results: from the basic planning of the study to specialized expert analysis and detailed reporting of research results, we ensure all steps of each empirical study come from a single source. Take us at our word: we will always keep you informed and up to date.


International studies - You're welcome.

In our international studies, our clients can choose whether the data collection is done with qualified native speakers in our institute or via selected, renowned partner institutions in their respective countries. In any case, project responsibility, coordination and quality assurance is reliably in our hands - also for studies being carried out worldwide.

Whether regional, national or international, from individual single studies to the design and implementation of comprehensive multi-client industry studies, we customize our market research to the requirements and specific problems of our clients. We are happy to take the time to give you the best advice.